Flies by so quickly that no one ever realises how at one moment you are playing in a craddle with your mother nuturing you to be the grown man that you are today. Every second that you spend is important. 

Every second that you spend with your family, friends and relatives adds to your quality time. It is because of this memories are made, some of them being joyful and cherishable ones, while some very bitter and resentfull. 

It is a significant inter dimensional quantity that heals the wounded. Let the scar be physical or mental or be it any factor that inflicts pain upon you, time sees to it that you emerge out of it stronger than before.

I believe that Time has more to it than just clock’s ticking. It makes you stronger, it builds your memories, it heals you in ways one can not even imagine. Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can’t get it.


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Forgive is not Forget.

Everything in our life, every action our life is an event. You do it, you can’t take it back. It becomes past. A history. Humans have emotions like you all didn’t know that already. But we tend to move on from things. Get ahead of it, so that we can achieve something better, something greater. When actions go wrong they hurt people. They leave a scar, a memory, a void filled with pain, sorrow, depression, regret, sadness and self pity. 

Time heals all scars. Rightly said it does. An hour, a day, a week , a month, a year or a century if we live that much is all it takes for it to heal. Then we forgive the person who caused it. Go on with our life. All happy. Someday we are just by ourselves, cherishing all our old memories which we created. All of a sudden we remember what happened. We access that memory, recollect the denouement, all the feelings you slashed out from thay void rushes back at you. You don’t feel outraged about it since you have already found peace by forgiving the person. But the flash from the past remains. You just can’t forget it.

I believe it’s not at all an amiss. In fact keeping those memories will help you in  making the best decision for your life. You won’t repeat the events that got you the scar. You’ll remember the things that pulled you down and all the efforts that you put to get yourself back in the front seat. You would know the pain you went through, so you’ll already know that something like that won’t happen to you ’cause you won’t let that happen. 

Just embrace the fact that you don’t forget things happened to you, take it with you because one day for sure you will fulfill your dreams with those experiences. 

P.S: That’s Arya Stark from Game of thrones. #NorthRemembers.

Sunshine blogger award

I would like to Thank hati03nasi for believing in me that I deserve this award.#Rules :

  • Thank the person who nominated you. Give the link of their blog.
  • Answer 11 questions sent by the person.
  • To recieve the award nominate upto 11 new bloggers.
  • List the rules and display the sunshine award logo on your blog.

Here We Go

Q1.  Do you believe in yourself and your goals?

Answer: Yes I do believe in myself and my goals. One fine day, I will achieve them too.

Q2. Do you miss your old you or are you happy with the whom you became?

Answer: As I grew up my personality evolved too. So, yes I am happy with the person I have became.

Q3. What’s your favorite movie?

Answer: There are a lot of them but “Top Gun” is my all time favorite movie.

Q4. What’s your favorite country?

Answer: India is the country I live in and this is probably the best country. But I would love to travel to Europe.

Q5. What do you hate?

Answer: Inequality, fake people, back stabbers are the things I hate the most.

Q6. Who inspires you for writing?

Answer: Myself.

Q7. What is beauty? Do you think you are beautiful?

Answer: It is something that comes from within. It’s your natural self. The things that you do and your attitude towards others is what your beauty is. I think I am a pretty beautiful person.

Q8. Your happiest moment in one sentence?

Answer:  When I held my little young born sister for the first time.

Q9. Your saddest moment in one sentence?

Answer: One moment I had it, one moment I lost it.

Q10. Do you read my post?

Answer: Yes I do. I was snow in mountain is my favorite post. ❤

Q11. Are you honest?

Answer: Most of the times I am.

My Questions for those you have beem nominated:

1. What is feminism?                                        2. Are you a night person or a morning person?                                                               3. What’s your favorite song?                     4. Describe the one thing that is more precious to you than your life?                   5. What all things do you find intriguing?                                                         6. If I could turn back the time…. #fill_it_up                                                                7. Would you rather spend a vacation with your parents or your dream guy/women?                                                               8. Cats or dogs?                                                    9. Who is your favorite actor/actress. Why?                                                                        10. Witty or sarcastic. Which one are you?                                                                       11. What do you wish to have in your life to make it better?

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Thank you very much!!!

They All Leave.

Liars, all of them. Each and every one them is a liar. They are all just mean, conniving folks. They will cut you loose as soon as they see a better person than you. Can’t deal with it? That’s the truth. They say they will be by your side forever. Are they? The minute you loose your credit card your bestie will leave you, you become a little fat your lover may leave you too. Awww that hurt? Get over it. Cause you have to stand alone, fight them all. Get past them and find the right person who accepts you the way you are. 

People leave for many reasons. Some leave because they don’t see any profit in you.    Some leave to seek fame, trod over you to become popular. Some leave cause they are forced to leave, Why? Because they care way too much about what the society says about you. So today if we don’t have money in our wallets, we are not famous, we don’t own as many resources as others we are not worth staying for. Being good and kind has no value. Instead, be materialistic and manipulative people will come to you automatically. Being fake is what the society demands so be it. So should we change or not?

I believe we should surround ourselves with people who actually care for us. Who actually want to help when you are low. So changing yourself for the society and people around you will make you a fake person like them. Just go out there, reach out to people and make pals who are there for you. And remember not to leave them ever. Make yourself better and seek revenge from those who left you, by being a better human being than you were yesterday.

Last but not the least, remember this           if you kick me when I am down , you better  pray I don’t get back up.

Happy Mother’s Day

This is the day of utmost importance to a child. This is the day when we spare our precious time, cut short our busy schedule to Thank our mother. Thank her for bringing us into this world. Thank her for loving us unconditionally, inspite of us throwing tantrums at us. Thank her for doing her best to make us feel better, providing us with all comforts possible, taking care of us for eternity. We Thank her for supporting us, standing by us, when the rest of the world is against us. It is just not possible to describe what all hardship a mother has to face to keep her child protected. 

Today we all post pictures on insta, update our status on what’s app and facebook, add story on snapchat, tweet #loveMyMom on twitter. Does that really matter? Showing the rest of your world how much you love her? It certainly doesn’t. In fact we should take a pledge and truly mean it. A pledge- ” I will be the person my mother always wanted to be. I’ll give her the utmost happiness which she deserves. Never disappoint her. Take care of her till death part us. Be by her side, support her forever. Protect her like she did. I will make her proud. Provide her with all the luxuries that she deserves.” 

Trust me this is what a Mother always expects from her child. She doesn’t want to know how much likes you get on posting a picture with your mom, or how many people retweet your #MothersDay tweet. All she wants is to make you happy. So instead of showing off your love to the rest of the world, start with the fire that you want to make her proud. And just don’t stop until you do  that. Remember the hand that rocked the craddle deserves to get the best in the world. 

P.S: This is the castle that I will build for my mother, for the hardwork she has done for so long, that now she can lead a comfortable and happy life. I know it looks a lot like hogwards. 


Fear is this wonderful feeling that restricts you from doing certain things, which you know you can do it but then you make some excuse and end up sitting in your room or chilling out with your friends. That’s your coccoon. Your little comfort zone, where you can freely express yourself. Hence, we give ourselves to fear.

Fear has no class. No limit. Fear of being mocked, fear of height, fear of water etc. It can be anything. Or anyone. Like fear of being punished by your teacher leads you to submit your assignments in time. We always see fear as to something which we need to summon to. Well, I have been taught to embrace it and conquer it. Fear is  just another challenge or an obstacle in our path to reach our goal. Fear actually heightens all your senses. Enhances it to such an extent that we believe we can do almost everything except the thing that scares us. 

We need to start with small things. Heights  have been my all time fear. So I decided to move past it. I would gradually look out of my window for a minute or so. Someday I would just sit on some swing and slides and look down. I would always wonder what’s it like to jump down from a height. So just like that I jumped. It was the most thrilling experience I had ever had. My fear wasn’t gone but yeah it was reduced a bit. Zipline in Shimla, was the big challenge that reduced my fear of heights to almost zero. Just start with small stuff, do it gradually, everyday. Just keep on seeking oppurtuinities and when they arrive, just go for it. 

Don’t let fear control your actions, don’t let it make you someone who you are not. Instead you take control of it. And trust me when you are on the path of overcoming it, it’s the best feeling in the world. That’s why it’s wonderful cause it teaches you how to fight and survive.

P.S : You can share your fears too in the comments.

What makes you beautiful.

Do not judge a book by it’s cover – this is what each and every individual has been taught since their pre primary schooling. Most of them just learnt it, some of them know the meaning of it but only a few of them have actually apprehended it. The metaphor presupposes that just by external appearance one cannot judge qualities of someone. Or can they? We’ll test this with an example—- Bodybuilders are believed to be someone with raw strength, scary, massive and stuff. So a bodybuilder got into a fight with just a common man like me. Shockingly the man won! It turned out to be, his courage to fight was not even 1% of his humongous body.
I don’t blame anybody, it’s human behaviour to check out someone. Instead, we judge people who we don’t even know, pass comments and laugh at them for reasons unknown hence demotivating them. If someone is hefty we say he is fat. If thin, he’s too skinny. If dark, I can only see his teeth. If fair, he suffered from Vitiligo . If tall, he’s a Lamp post. If short, I can fit him in a bag. These are some common insults which one has to hear for being the way they are. These people who call you names don’t know what beauty actually is. They are those illiterate, immature minds who have not been taught ” How to respect beings”. These are what degrade ones beauty.

Physical traits matter, a lot actually, they help build our impression, and in some ways or the other they even boost our self esteem, but it is the act of judgement and body shaming that gives people’s personality a back log.  Your optimism towards life, your respect for beings, your gentle behaviour, that forgiving attitude, your revolutionary thoughts and your friendly nature is what that defines you. It’s what that makes you beautiful.  

P.S: Don’t judge!​


Winning is a habit they say. Rightly said, it is. Everytime we start with something new, something challenging we give our best. We all have this competetive beast inside us that forces us to move forward even when we are tired and hurting. All we want is to win. Achieve whatever that we dream for. I believe it’s absolutely fine to have a mentality to never lose. Infact we have been taught to always be first in our class, first in a running race so why not make it a good habit.

Let it be start of a new semester or a football match, we are like “This time I will not stop until I emerge out at the top”. So, basically winning is setting a goal and acheiving it. No matter how small or large the goal is. Determination, hardwork, enthusiasm and fear play an important role here. Yes, fear as well. Suppose a team is playing in the finals. They fear about the consequences of losing the game, the heartbreak they will have to feel if they don’t win. Fear is a significant factor. 

When sometimes we lose we are often consoled, “there is always a next year”. Is there? Do we know what future holds for us? Instead of settling to work extremely hard the next year why not simply analyse where we went wrong. It’s easy to do so. Just think of what exactly led you to set the goal. Then what all efforts did you put to achieve it. What was the first thing that went wrong which led to the chain of mistakes. It’s like quicksand. One mistake leads to another and we just keep on sinking deeper into it, such that our goal seems impossible to achieve – And this is where we Lose.

So just  set goals, unleash that beast and do not stop until you’ve won.


Bieber “demands” a visit

The 23 year old pop star and billionaire JUSTIN BIEBER finally pays a visit to india- not only for a concert but also to experience the culture of our country. It’s apt to say that he will be breathing in Indian air for five days.  3 days prior to the concert the “star” will step foot on Indian grounds and just like that all his demands and wishes will be fulfilled. 

We all are aware of his needs which he made clear on twitter. Those who aren’t just have a look—-

Transportation facilities for him and his crew is completely understandabale. But reserving a whole elevator, re-designing the hotel floors with purple colour, bringing in his own goods such as washing machine and ping pong table! That is totally unjustified. Bringing our own props for performance is actually defined, as some artists are unhappy with materials provided by the country. Here, it’s a totally different senario. 

India is the best host. It’s something that the world believes. We may not look out for ourselves but we do look out for out guests. Providing them with comforts which we can only think of, we go to lengths to make them happy. We have been taught that our guest is a God- Athiti Devo Bhavo. So would we want to disrespect our God?

Yet, some think we are an intolerable, miserable and an insensitive society. They hire so many bodyguards and police for protection because we are an inhospitable society. They are always under the impression that their luxuries are far better than ours. Our country has an unique  tradition, rich heritage and dynamic culture. Indian hotels too have an aura of it’s own which should not be altered. 

So lets just keep it that way, shouldn’t we?

Graduates in India

Right from the moment a baby is born to a parent,  it’s the parent’s ambition to make the child a successful being. So we grow up with their ambition, their aspirations follow the path they show light upon. They say medical and engineering are the best, we choose Science and end up in either of the stream. Sure they are the “only” best streams. 

I mean every month we have a 5, 6 or 7 digit figure check in our hand. We lead a comfortable life. Sorry, “a few” lead a comfortable life. Most of them don’t care what they are doing, some don’t know what they are supposed to do and then a few of them regret ’cause their talent was their passion which got buried when they chose the wrong stream. Painters and Designers end up making powerpoint presentations, guitarists play their guitar on Annual Days, Writers check the spellings and grammar in agreements and actors, well they are just good pretenders.

We bury our talent deep inside us, forget who we were actually meant to be and lead a tiring life. Taking a stand for your opinions is not a bad thing. It’s just you explaining your thought of pursuing a stream which you find interesting for yourself. If Farhan didn’t have the courage to explain his point to his dad, he would have been a worst engineer. Instead he became the best photographer.  

So speak up, put your opinions forward and live the life you have ever dreamt of.

P.S: hope you got that 3 idiots reference. 

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