Flies by so quickly that no one ever realises how at one moment you are playing in a craddle with your mother nuturing you to be the grown man that you are today. Every second that you spend is important. 

Every second that you spend with your family, friends and relatives adds to your quality time. It is because of this memories are made, some of them being joyful and cherishable ones, while some very bitter and resentfull. 

It is a significant inter dimensional quantity that heals the wounded. Let the scar be physical or mental or be it any factor that inflicts pain upon you, time sees to it that you emerge out of it stronger than before.

I believe that Time has more to it than just clock’s ticking. It makes you stronger, it builds your memories, it heals you in ways one can not even imagine. Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can’t get it.


How true is this?

The concept of love and relationships today is quite misinterpreted. Today we relate them to different words like understanding, loyalty, trust, space, cuddles, attention, sympathy, despair and what not. We are so involved with all these words and feelings that we actually fail to understand the meaning of love. Truth being, that it is rightly said, “Love has no meaning”. It’s a feeling like any other feeling in the world. It gives you strength, hope, power, courage, will, determination and what not to drive you forward.

The meaning of this word lies in your partner. Love is an exchange of energy. When we say ‘I love you’ we take strengths of two people and combine them to form a single power. A single bond which can overcome any difficulty that comes in the way. It’s a connection of one heart to the other, where you develop a new sense for just that special person. This sense helps you feel them. Even when they are silent, you can understand what they want to convey. You can actually feel your heart crushing into peices when you see them cry or when you fight with them.

It’s believed today that there is a crush, an ex, maybe multiple exes, first love, a second and so on… But I believe that there is just one true love of your life. Single person who tops your list everytime. You feel a void when you both are apart. But when together you feel strong. You can sense that connection, a connection that just keeps on getting stronger and stronger. No matter how often you both fight, in the end you realise that that person means the world to you. You could cross the world, traverse the universe and still make it to them just to say those three words, I love you.

When you love someone, you don’t care about any other person. It’s just you and your partner that matters to you. Love is what that makes you stay after every fight. Love is what gives you hope, that tomorrow will be a good day. Just you and I kind of day. We say “till death do us apart” but we don’t understand the essence of it. We don’t realise the value of people around us, especially the ones who matter to us. Once they are gone or they are dead, then we mourn and cry for their presence. Love is the foundation of every relationship. How big the hurdle is, if you love that someone with all your heart, you’ll keep your attitude, ego, anger, work and everything else aside and do anything to be with them. If you can’t do all that, then my friend you need to love harder and realise this sooner.


Life is too short to lose upon an opportunity. You will be lucky if you ever get to have that one chance back. That one chance which could have made you a completely different person. Someone better than what you are today. Usually we settle for lesser things. Things which merely make us happy. We never give it a shot and then blame it on destiny-“it was never meant to be”. We let go of many opportunities. Why? Because we are firm believers of “If life closes one door for you, it will definitely open 10 more”. So, how many times have you actually got 10 opportunities just for leaving one?

Every time we let someone go, we loose our chance of being close to that person. You want them to not to leave yet you are too scared to tell them how you feel. Go up to them and speak it out. You don’t know if it might turn into something great.

You are standing there watching some guys teasing a girl, you want to help but you don’t. Don’t you have the courage to stand up to the bad guys? Remember you are the bad guy here. Step up for the right things.

You always wanted to become a singer but your voice didn’t even reach to your parents, so how did you plan on addressing the crowd? Lost a chance of being the next Gavin Degraw.

We have opportunities open to us on daily basis, but we don’t grab it. We hold back somewhere or the other and settle for lesser things. Just do your thing. Don’t be afraid of failure or criticism. Just follow your heart. Go for the things which you want to. And keep on going because hey, an ‘oops’ is always better than a ‘what if’.

P. S. That guy is from Narnia.

Wake up.

The generation today seems to have no hold on their choices. Today decent means nerd and weird is the new cool. Dinchak pooja and Omprakash are the new lata mangeshkar and kishore kumar of this era. Their meaningful lyrics have taken over this country with a storm. Their melodious voice is what keeps most us motivated these days. Their aura is so very magnetic and heart warming. Right?

Well I don’t think so. I wonder where our country is heading too. Such incompetent and mediocre folks have become an internet sensation. It’s like their dream come true. Memes are being made. Interviews are being taken. Some are entering into reality shows. They are getting the best possible limelight anyone else could ever get. Money, fame and attention is what they got when they made their mediocre song. Soon they’ll be hosting their concerts too. Which I am sure many of us will attend because we need to make fun of them. But aren’t we all stupid enough? Are we literally so dumb that we cannot understand their way of getting fame?

It’s simple. Really. Let’s go step by step:

  • Make a downgraded video on YouTube .
  • Publicise it.
  • Get it critised.
  • Again make a new video and get roasted multiple times.
  • Soon people will start viewing your video. Memes will be made. More the number of views greater is the attention you get.
  • Finally through media or newspaper editor get yourself an interview.
  • Done. You now have become the most hateful person in the country but still you get views because our public loves mediocrity.

The society today fails to understand that the more you laugh at such people the richer they get. The popular they become. Making such artists famous means openly saying that you are a fool. Yes. You are a fool because all the hard work you do, all the talents you have which earn you money are in vain when you encourage such videos by viewing them and making fun of them.

So it is my whole hearted request to each and everyone of you out there to not make such stupid, meaningless songs a party anthem. Instead discourage them and also discourage those who promote such videos.


His soul wanted to go to heaven. 

The guard at the door showed him the way to hell saying, “killers find peace in hell more than in heaven”. 

So his soul returned back to his body just as to serve his hell. 



“I am tired” he said. Sobbing. “Tired of being held responsible for everything. Taking up everything upon my shoulders. I am done fighting. I want to quit.” He 18 year old rested his head in his mother’s lap. His mother tamed him down. Ran her hands through her child’s hair. Understanding him. She broke the silence by saying two words- LOSERS QUIT. Further she added “and I know my son isn’t one of them”.

When things go beyond a limit that’s when we quit. We say “I am done”. That’s it? That’s how you want to put an end to your efforts, by just leaving things incomplete. Is your limit really defined? 

  • It’s a fact that an average human uses only 1% of his brain. According to a study stephan hawkings uses 2.5%% of his brain.

So, if our brain itself doesn’t have a limit then how can we measure the limit of someone. So this means that you are never done with anything. We believe things happen for a reason. Yes. Agreed. If we give up, leave every oppurtuinity we get, sit down in a corner dwelling over the past and doing nothing. How are we making things happen, still remains a mystery.

So it’s best that you get up tomorrow morning, breathe, start your routine and end this blockage of quitting and life sucks and all that sulkish stuff. Cause Hey, WINNERS NEVER QUIT. 


    Fake It.

    It’s a cromulent world. A delusion. What we see is not actually the truth. Where are all the good men and women.  Is there anyone who is geniunely original? Someone who’ll say what is wrong is wrong and what is right is right. Someone who will step up instead of hiding behind someone else’s opinion. Someone who won’t fake an emotion. Do such people exist? Cause I know none of them.

    You want to know a genuine opinion of yourself, ask the third person. Didn’t get it? I’ll elaborate. Suppose you are talking to someone. That someone can be your friend, teacher or some random guy you just met. That someone is very nice to you. Compliments you for being a very nice person. You think it was an interesting talk for the both of you. But that’s where you  are wrong. This someone meets up with the third person. Narrates the story about you. Says mean stuffs about you. Makes fun of you. You are totally unaware of this. You still believe that the person is jolly and friendly, so you decide to tell your secrets. You start sharing your significant details. This person spills everything infront of some third party even though he looked you in the eye, promised to keep things between themself.

    Isn’t this the best example of how fake can someone be?  They pretend to be your friend but you are just a source of entertainment for them. These people drain you emotionally. In this “not so original world” it is very hard to find someone who is genuine. Who’ll support you rather than draining you. Be aware of such folks. Choose the right person to connect with.  

    Be limited. Be reserved. Be preserved from such a fake world. 

    Welcome to a fake world. It sucks. You’ll love it.

    P.S. This pic is amaze ❤


    We always wonder about our future. About how our future will be affected. How will it be better. Because after all we want to have a secure and bright future. Everytime we wonder how are future is going to be, we somehow end up being satisfied that it will be a happy ending because that’s how destiny is. Isn’t it? We believe that it is going rough now hence our future will be comfortable. That’s what we think of destiny. Something which is bound to happen no matter how much you change it. So does that mean that we all will have a happy ending? What if we don’t. Do you have a back up then? Something that’ll take you to your dreams?

    I believe that we are the creators of our own destiny. That is I have a chance of creating a better prospective for myself than the one which is “already written”. Practically there is no such written thing that controls your life. It all comes down to how much effort you can put in. This effort determines the quality of your future. It gives a rough estimate of what the future holds for us. 

    Instead of relying upon something hypothetical think realistically, put your best into stuff you do and above all believe in yourself. Surely you’ll meet a happy ending.

    P.S. I’ll probably shape my destiny to build something as magnificient as that. 


    Sometimes we feel like quitting. Just giving up. Leaving everything aside and just running away to a quiet place. Find peace. Remain calm and tension free. That’s the time when you are at your worst. When things seem to be tough and difficult to achieve. When even the tiniest bit of a thing makes you frustated and agitated. That’s the time you need to understand that when the goings get tough, the tough gets going. 

    Holding on to something is what that can pull you up. The tiniest ray that gives you joy, this ray is hope. Just latching on to something can bring you up, it can make you a better person. A fighter. Making you even stronger than the person you are. Right from superman to “for our parents sake” hope can be anything. Suppose you are trapped in a tunnel. It’s pitch dark. You have been there for a month or so. No company, no food nothing. You have totally lost all your will and cannot continue to search further for any exit. All of a sudden you see a bleak ray of sunlight. You try moving stone, break it, dig into it. The ray becomes wider. You dig harder. Apply more force to break it to get past it. Ultimately you manage to crack a hole through which you could escape. Even the slighest possibility of getting out, got you all energetic and excited. That’s what hope is. It fills you up with positiveness. Gives you a motive to move ahead. 

    The thing that pushes you ahead. Gives you the strength the move forward. Pulls the best of you when you are at your worst. Brings you back to hustling, that is hope. It’s an entity that motivates us. Drives us towards the destination. Hope is basically losing belief in yourself. Giving up on yourself. That’s when we say, ” I am done”. Actually you are not, you’ve just lost that ray of light from your life. Find it and live your life.

    So get up, hustle even if you have the slightest chance, take it. Give it a try. But whatever you do, Do not lose hope. 

    P.S: On Krypton this symbol stands for hope. #Superman_Reference.


    Usually hard work and smart work is what matters for us to reach our goals. What we forget is that they both require effort. However smart and talented a person is if he doesn’t practice he may not reach his goal. Suppose an athelte just leaves practicing. He goes for an Olympic. He loses. Not by some fraction of seconds, he comes last. Not that he was slow or he had no strength to run, but he lacked efforts. Had he put some, he would’ve probably won a bronze at least. Or maybe he would’ve won a gold and become history.
    Effort is not the number of hours you practice but it is how efficiently you practice. Keep studying for 10 hours at a stretch you’ll probably be bored, frustated and drained. You won’t even remember what you studied. Run 20 mile for one day, you won’t get off your bed. Here, you damaged yourself. Wasted your precious time. Instead of that you could just study  for 2 hours for 5 times a day with taking short breaks in between. You’ll be energetic and motivated. Run a mile only for 20 days instead. There won’t be any sore muscles plus you’ll have strength all day.

    Continuously repeating a particular routine in an effective manner is what effort is.  This is when you start to improve and gain a momentum, which you know cannot be dampened so easily. That’s when  everything seems to be so easy. This is how your confidence gets built up. And that’s your key to being successful. Put your own efforts into whatever you are doing. 

    To make yourself rememberable it is believed that we must do something big or something different. This requires efforts and tons of amounts of patience. When you feel you have put in enough effort from your side take your best shot. And make sure that you don’t miss.

    P.S: You are a kid now, put efforts you’ll be the beast you want to be.

    P.S: Barry Allen puts all his efforts to protect his family, city and his friends. His efforts are admired.

    Forgive is not Forget.

    Everything in our life, every action our life is an event. You do it, you can’t take it back. It becomes past. A history. Humans have emotions like you all didn’t know that already. But we tend to move on from things. Get ahead of it, so that we can achieve something better, something greater. When actions go wrong they hurt people. They leave a scar, a memory, a void filled with pain, sorrow, depression, regret, sadness and self pity. 

    Time heals all scars. Rightly said it does. An hour, a day, a week , a month, a year or a century if we live that much is all it takes for it to heal. Then we forgive the person who caused it. Go on with our life. All happy. Someday we are just by ourselves, cherishing all our old memories which we created. All of a sudden we remember what happened. We access that memory, recollect the denouement, all the feelings you slashed out from thay void rushes back at you. You don’t feel outraged about it since you have already found peace by forgiving the person. But the flash from the past remains. You just can’t forget it.

    I believe it’s not at all an amiss. In fact keeping those memories will help you in  making the best decision for your life. You won’t repeat the events that got you the scar. You’ll remember the things that pulled you down and all the efforts that you put to get yourself back in the front seat. You would know the pain you went through, so you’ll already know that something like that won’t happen to you ’cause you won’t let that happen. 

    Just embrace the fact that you don’t forget things happened to you, take it with you because one day for sure you will fulfill your dreams with those experiences. 

    P.S: That’s Arya Stark from Game of thrones. #NorthRemembers.