Life is too short to lose upon an opportunity. You will be lucky if you ever get to have that one chance back. That one chance which could have made you a completely different person. Someone better than what you are today. Usually we settle for lesser things. Things which merely make us happy. We never give it a shot and then blame it on destiny-“it was never meant to be”. We let go of many opportunities. Why? Because we are firm believers of “If life closes one door for you, it will definitely open 10 more”. So, how many times have you actually got 10 opportunities just for leaving one?

Every time we let someone go, we loose our chance of being close to that person. You want them to not to leave yet you are too scared to tell them how you feel. Go up to them and speak it out. You don’t know if it might turn into something great.

You are standing there watching some guys teasing a girl, you want to help but you don’t. Don’t you have the courage to stand up to the bad guys? Remember you are the bad guy here. Step up for the right things.

You always wanted to become a singer but your voice didn’t even reach to your parents, so how did you plan on addressing the crowd? Lost a chance of being the next Gavin Degraw.

We have opportunities open to us on daily basis, but we don’t grab it. We hold back somewhere or the other and settle for lesser things. Just do your thing. Don’t be afraid of failure or criticism. Just follow your heart. Go for the things which you want to. And keep on going because hey, an ‘oops’ is always better than a ‘what if’.

P. S. That guy is from Narnia.


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