Wake up.

The generation today seems to have no hold on their choices. Today decent means nerd and weird is the new cool. Dinchak pooja and Omprakash are the new lata mangeshkar and kishore kumar of this era. Their meaningful lyrics have taken over this country with a storm. Their melodious voice is what keeps most us motivated these days. Their aura is so very magnetic and heart warming. Right?

Well I don’t think so. I wonder where our country is heading too. Such incompetent and mediocre folks have become an internet sensation. It’s like their dream come true. Memes are being made. Interviews are being taken. Some are entering into reality shows. They are getting the best possible limelight anyone else could ever get. Money, fame and attention is what they got when they made their mediocre song. Soon they’ll be hosting their concerts too. Which I am sure many of us will attend because we need to make fun of them. But aren’t we all stupid enough? Are we literally so dumb that we cannot understand their way of getting fame?

It’s simple. Really. Let’s go step by step:

  • Make a downgraded video on YouTube .
  • Publicise it.
  • Get it critised.
  • Again make a new video and get roasted multiple times.
  • Soon people will start viewing your video. Memes will be made. More the number of views greater is the attention you get.
  • Finally through media or newspaper editor get yourself an interview.
  • Done. You now have become the most hateful person in the country but still you get views because our public loves mediocrity.

The society today fails to understand that the more you laugh at such people the richer they get. The popular they become. Making such artists famous means openly saying that you are a fool. Yes. You are a fool because all the hard work you do, all the talents you have which earn you money are in vain when you encourage such videos by viewing them and making fun of them.

So it is my whole hearted request to each and everyone of you out there to not make such stupid, meaningless songs a party anthem. Instead discourage them and also discourage those who promote such videos.


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