“I am tired” he said. Sobbing. “Tired of being held responsible for everything. Taking up everything upon my shoulders. I am done fighting. I want to quit.” He 18 year old rested his head in his mother’s lap. His mother tamed him down. Ran her hands through her child’s hair. Understanding him. She broke the silence by saying two words- LOSERS QUIT. Further she added “and I know my son isn’t one of them”.

When things go beyond a limit that’s when we quit. We say “I am done”. That’s it? That’s how you want to put an end to your efforts, by just leaving things incomplete. Is your limit really defined? 

  • It’s a fact that an average human uses only 1% of his brain. According to a study stephan hawkings uses 2.5%% of his brain.

So, if our brain itself doesn’t have a limit then how can we measure the limit of someone. So this means that you are never done with anything. We believe things happen for a reason. Yes. Agreed. If we give up, leave every oppurtuinity we get, sit down in a corner dwelling over the past and doing nothing. How are we making things happen, still remains a mystery.

So it’s best that you get up tomorrow morning, breathe, start your routine and end this blockage of quitting and life sucks and all that sulkish stuff. Cause Hey, WINNERS NEVER QUIT. 



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