Fake It.

It’s a cromulent world. A delusion. What we see is not actually the truth. Where are all the good men and women.  Is there anyone who is geniunely original? Someone who’ll say what is wrong is wrong and what is right is right. Someone who will step up instead of hiding behind someone else’s opinion. Someone who won’t fake an emotion. Do such people exist? Cause I know none of them.

You want to know a genuine opinion of yourself, ask the third person. Didn’t get it? I’ll elaborate. Suppose you are talking to someone. That someone can be your friend, teacher or some random guy you just met. That someone is very nice to you. Compliments you for being a very nice person. You think it was an interesting talk for the both of you. But that’s where you  are wrong. This someone meets up with the third person. Narrates the story about you. Says mean stuffs about you. Makes fun of you. You are totally unaware of this. You still believe that the person is jolly and friendly, so you decide to tell your secrets. You start sharing your significant details. This person spills everything infront of some third party even though he looked you in the eye, promised to keep things between themself.

Isn’t this the best example of how fake can someone be?  They pretend to be your friend but you are just a source of entertainment for them. These people drain you emotionally. In this “not so original world” it is very hard to find someone who is genuine. Who’ll support you rather than draining you. Be aware of such folks. Choose the right person to connect with.  

Be limited. Be reserved. Be preserved from such a fake world. 

Welcome to a fake world. It sucks. You’ll love it.

P.S. This pic is amaze ❀


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  1. If you don’t mind can I ask, when you say “fake it”, aren’t you just being that every other person that chooses to not be genuine, and side with the masses ignoring the fact for what is right and what is wrong?
    You are absolutely right when you say that we need to be careful, more aware because there are people who might take our connection with them for granted but then how can we suppress the fact that there are so many people who actually choose to care, to extend understanding. I believe human connection is integral in order to make it through whatever obstacles life throws at our face. πŸ™‚

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    1. When I am saying fake it I am being a bit sarcastic to how “original” people can be. And yes, there are some people who actually care, but till now I haven’t come across any such person.


  2. This was quite an interesting read, a bit too nostalgic for me as well, I must admit.
    In the end, the solution that works for me in this so called ‘original’ world is the degree of trust choose to have with people. I dont trust anyone completely. (I don’t know how much of this makes sense but so far, it’s proved to be a better alternative than depending upon someone else completely)

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    1. Hey. I am glad that you found it good. You are so right. One cannot just trust anyone completely. It takes years to build that trust. And once you put your faith into the wrong person you are screwed. So yeah, this makes absolute sense to me. Also, I would love to know how is it nostalgic for you. Only if you are comfortable.


      1. Nostalgic in the sense that I’ve put my trust in people as well Hoping that we’d be in touch for years. I didn’t expect us to not make a mere eye contact let alone cross paths ever again. But that’s exactly what happened. Nothing is much worse than trusting a friend with all your secrets who later becomes a stranger. Thankfully I haven’t come across any back stabbers till date. I had friends who I was close to but eventually we drifted apart as we met other people & a few could never accept me the way I am so I cut all ties with them. The first ever life lesson I learnt at the age of 13 was letting go of toxic relationships.


      2. I totally understand what you mean. It’s like they are an important part of your life and suddenly things start to fall apart. Being in some toxic relationships just ruins everything and makes life complicated. And it is really nice that you were aware of it pretty early.


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