We always wonder about our future. About how our future will be affected. How will it be better. Because after all we want to have a secure and bright future. Everytime we wonder how are future is going to be, we somehow end up being satisfied that it will be a happy ending because that’s how destiny is. Isn’t it? We believe that it is going rough now hence our future will be comfortable. That’s what we think of destiny. Something which is bound to happen no matter how much you change it. So does that mean that we all will have a happy ending? What if we don’t. Do you have a back up then? Something that’ll take you to your dreams?

I believe that we are the creators of our own destiny. That is I have a chance of creating a better prospective for myself than the one which is “already written”. Practically there is no such written thing that controls your life. It all comes down to how much effort you can put in. This effort determines the quality of your future. It gives a rough estimate of what the future holds for us. 

Instead of relying upon something hypothetical think realistically, put your best into stuff you do and above all believe in yourself. Surely you’ll meet a happy ending.


P.S. I’ll probably shape my destiny to build something as magnificient as that. 



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  1. You always find such cool pictures! I agree wholeheartedly that it is one self that shape ones future. As you wrote, put your best effort into it and do everything you can to get there, nothing is set in stone, you get to decide what your future is gonna look like.

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