Usually hard work and smart work is what matters for us to reach our goals. What we forget is that they both require effort. However smart and talented a person is if he doesn’t practice he may not reach his goal. Suppose an athelte just leaves practicing. He goes for an Olympic. He loses. Not by some fraction of seconds, he comes last. Not that he was slow or he had no strength to run, but he lacked efforts. Had he put some, he would’ve probably won a bronze at least. Or maybe he would’ve won a gold and become history.
Effort is not the number of hours you practice but it is how efficiently you practice. Keep studying for 10 hours at a stretch you’ll probably be bored, frustated and drained. You won’t even remember what you studied. Run 20 mile for one day, you won’t get off your bed. Here, you damaged yourself. Wasted your precious time. Instead of that you could just study  for 2 hours for 5 times a day with taking short breaks in between. You’ll be energetic and motivated. Run a mile only for 20 days instead. There won’t be any sore muscles plus you’ll have strength all day.

Continuously repeating a particular routine in an effective manner is what effort is.  This is when you start to improve and gain a momentum, which you know cannot be dampened so easily. That’s when  everything seems to be so easy. This is how your confidence gets built up. And that’s your key to being successful. Put your own efforts into whatever you are doing. 

To make yourself rememberable it is believed that we must do something big or something different. This requires efforts and tons of amounts of patience. When you feel you have put in enough effort from your side take your best shot. And make sure that you don’t miss.

P.S: You are a kid now, put efforts you’ll be the beast you want to be.

P.S: Barry Allen puts all his efforts to protect his family, city and his friends. His efforts are admired.


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