They All Leave.

Liars, all of them. Each and every one them is a liar. They are all just mean, conniving folks. They will cut you loose as soon as they see a better person than you. Can’t deal with it? That’s the truth. They say they will be by your side forever. Are they? The minute you loose your credit card your bestie will leave you, you become a little fat your lover may leave you too. Awww that hurt? Get over it. Cause you have to stand alone, fight them all. Get past them and find the right person who accepts you the way you are. 

People leave for many reasons. Some leave because they don’t see any profit in you.    Some leave to seek fame, trod over you to become popular. Some leave cause they are forced to leave, Why? Because they care way too much about what the society says about you. So today if we don’t have money in our wallets, we are not famous, we don’t own as many resources as others we are not worth staying for. Being good and kind has no value. Instead, be materialistic and manipulative people will come to you automatically. Being fake is what the society demands so be it. So should we change or not?

I believe we should surround ourselves with people who actually care for us. Who actually want to help when you are low. So changing yourself for the society and people around you will make you a fake person like them. Just go out there, reach out to people and make pals who are there for you. And remember not to leave them ever. Make yourself better and seek revenge from those who left you, by being a better human being than you were yesterday.

Last but not the least, remember this           if you kick me when I am down , you better  pray I don’t get back up.

Published by RONNY_99

Am an egomaniac they say. Well, am a believer. No matter how hard the situation gets i like to WIN. Yeah, i do like to write not because it looks cool or i am seeking fame and all, it helps me contain my emotions. Yes, i do love football. Hala Madrid

26 thoughts on “They All Leave.

  1. This is so true, I’ve had to deal with my mother being an alcoholic and lying and leaving me for my whole life. It’s hard but I always have to remember the good things in life also.


    1. That is exactly what I am talking about. I admire your courage of being able to handle such an important person’s abandonment . And also the fact that you could share it with us. Thank You.

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  2. You’ve written is beautifully and I understand what you’re getting at. We should indeed surround ourselves with people who really care about us. But what if we can’t make out the difference. Faking things has never been a problem for people who survive on materialistic ideals, being fake is so common in todays world that one can hardly make out the difference between a fake and a real person.

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    1. Making out the difference is the real problem. That’s what we need to learn. Faking is easy but being real is tough. And so many choose the easier path. Then they end up hurting their close ones. Anyway, really appreciate your thought. 🙂


  3. Woah, this post showed up in my suggestions at the right time.
    ” Make yourself better and seek revenge from those who left you, by being a better human being than you were yesterday.” – this is amazing🔥💟

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