Fear is this wonderful feeling that restricts you from doing certain things, which you know you can do it but then you make some excuse and end up sitting in your room or chilling out with your friends. That’s your coccoon. Your little comfort zone, where you can freely express yourself. Hence, we give ourselves to fear.

Fear has no class. No limit. Fear of being mocked, fear of height, fear of water etc. It can be anything. Or anyone. Like fear of being punished by your teacher leads you to submit your assignments in time. We always see fear as to something which we need to summon to. Well, I have been taught to embrace it and conquer it. Fear is  just another challenge or an obstacle in our path to reach our goal. Fear actually heightens all your senses. Enhances it to such an extent that we believe we can do almost everything except the thing that scares us. 

We need to start with small things. Heights  have been my all time fear. So I decided to move past it. I would gradually look out of my window for a minute or so. Someday I would just sit on some swing and slides and look down. I would always wonder what’s it like to jump down from a height. So just like that I jumped. It was the most thrilling experience I had ever had. My fear wasn’t gone but yeah it was reduced a bit. Zipline in Shimla, was the big challenge that reduced my fear of heights to almost zero. Just start with small stuff, do it gradually, everyday. Just keep on seeking oppurtuinities and when they arrive, just go for it. 

Don’t let fear control your actions, don’t let it make you someone who you are not. Instead you take control of it. And trust me when you are on the path of overcoming it, it’s the best feeling in the world. That’s why it’s wonderful cause it teaches you how to fight and survive.

P.S : You can share your fears too in the comments.

Published by RONNY_99

Am an egomaniac they say. Well, am a believer. No matter how hard the situation gets i like to WIN. Yeah, i do like to write not because it looks cool or i am seeking fame and all, it helps me contain my emotions. Yes, i do love football. Hala Madrid

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