Bieber “demands” a visit

The 23 year old pop star and billionaire JUSTIN BIEBER finally pays a visit to india- not only for a concert but also to experience the culture of our country. It’s apt to say that he will be breathing in Indian air for five days.  3 days prior to the concert the “star” will step foot on Indian grounds and just like that all his demands and wishes will be fulfilled. 

We all are aware of his needs which he made clear on twitter. Those who aren’t just have a look—-

Transportation facilities for him and his crew is completely understandabale. But reserving a whole elevator, re-designing the hotel floors with purple colour, bringing in his own goods such as washing machine and ping pong table! That is totally unjustified. Bringing our own props for performance is actually defined, as some artists are unhappy with materials provided by the country. Here, it’s a totally different senario. 

India is the best host. It’s something that the world believes. We may not look out for ourselves but we do look out for out guests. Providing them with comforts which we can only think of, we go to lengths to make them happy. We have been taught that our guest is a God- Athiti Devo Bhavo. So would we want to disrespect our God?

Yet, some think we are an intolerable, miserable and an insensitive society. They hire so many bodyguards and police for protection because we are an inhospitable society. They are always under the impression that their luxuries are far better than ours. Our country has an unique  tradition, rich heritage and dynamic culture. Indian hotels too have an aura of it’s own which should not be altered. 

So lets just keep it that way, shouldn’t we?

Published by RONNY_99

Am an egomaniac they say. Well, am a believer. No matter how hard the situation gets i like to WIN. Yeah, i do like to write not because it looks cool or i am seeking fame and all, it helps me contain my emotions. Yes, i do love football. Hala Madrid

33 thoughts on “Bieber “demands” a visit

  1. Surely, people go mad for him, like seriously it isn’t a privilege that you kept your foot in our country Jb. It’s because he gets paid, he gets fame and love and after this his demands. Good post!πŸ‘

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      1. I got a free pass for it actually, but I couldn’t make it. My friends paid a bomb for his concert, really low of him. People are still pissed, like the concert costed an insane amount of money only to see JB lip sync horribly.

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