Graduates in India

Right from the moment a baby is born to a parent,  it’s the parent’s ambition to make the child a successful being. So we grow up with their ambition, their aspirations follow the path they show light upon. They say medical and engineering are the best, we choose Science and end up in either of the stream. Sure they are the “only” best streams. 

I mean every month we have a 5, 6 or 7 digit figure check in our hand. We lead a comfortable life. Sorry, “a few” lead a comfortable life. Most of them don’t care what they are doing, some don’t know what they are supposed to do and then a few of them regret ’cause their talent was their passion which got buried when they chose the wrong stream. Painters and Designers end up making powerpoint presentations, guitarists play their guitar on Annual Days, Writers check the spellings and grammar in agreements and actors, well they are just good pretenders.

We bury our talent deep inside us, forget who we were actually meant to be and lead a tiring life. Taking a stand for your opinions is not a bad thing. It’s just you explaining your thought of pursuing a stream which you find interesting for yourself. If Farhan didn’t have the courage to explain his point to his dad, he would have been a worst engineer. Instead he became the best photographer.  

So speak up, put your opinions forward and live the life you have ever dreamt of.

P.S: hope you got that 3 idiots reference. 

Published by RONNY_99

Am an egomaniac they say. Well, am a believer. No matter how hard the situation gets i like to WIN. Yeah, i do like to write not because it looks cool or i am seeking fame and all, it helps me contain my emotions. Yes, i do love football. Hala Madrid

7 thoughts on “Graduates in India

    1. Agreed. Am not saying it’s totally their fault. But they play an important role in their education. So that makes them one of the major factors. Anyways thanks for your opinion.

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